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History has always been a treasure chest for me, brimming with gems to be discovered about the days of yore. The men and women I write about changed their world and ours with their passions, dreams, yearnings, hopes and courage. They achieved greatness in life, sometimes at enormous cost to themselves, and knew triumph, and often its sister, tragedy. Even so, these immortal heroes and heroines persevered. Our world is a better place today because they lived, and in their breathtaking sagas we can find inspiration.

Journey with me into the past, and allow me to introduce you to the fabled figures of yesteryear whose stories it has been my great honor to tell.

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Fall from Grace -- Sandra Worth

The Rose of York: Fall from Grace

From the award-winning author
of The King's Daughter
comes an epic story of love and sacrifice during the Wars of the Roses.

Fall from Grace follows Richard's reign 1483-1485

If you are looking for excellent historical
 fiction novels on the War of the Roses then check out Sandra Worth.”

Sandra’s books have won
multiple awards and prizes  
Fall from Grace is the individual Winner of five prizes and awards



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