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For Bookclubs

If your book club likes costume dramas set in medieval England around true historical figures, perhaps they'll enjoy one of Sandra's novels: Click on any of the books listed below for a PDF file of printer-friendly Reader Discussion Questions:

Pale Rose of England--Readers Group Guide
The King's Daughter--Readers Questions
Lady of the Roses--Readers Questions

Also, if your readers group chooses any of these novels, Sandra will be delighted to chat with your book club in a conference call. To set one up, just send an email to the address provided below. This is your chance to ask the author any question you like to do with the books, or with writing the books, or writing in general. For example, what is true? What is made up? How long did it take to research the novel? How long to write it? Why did Sandra choose this period? Why did she choose these characters?

To find out, contact Sandra at historyworthreading at gmail dot com

for writers

Authorlink ·  A great resource for writers, and the folks who gave me my very first award, judged by top industry professionals. Curiously, it was a Berkley/Penguin editor who chose me for the Authorlink Grand Prize, and seven years later, it was another Berkley/Penguin editor who picked me up in a two-book deal. So give them a try. They might just bring you luck, too!

WritersEducation.com ·  Authorlink's sister site is an online library where writers can hear and see lectures from their favorite authors.

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